Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Once begun is half done

A fine end to a fine week.

I managed to get to work around 8am (by 8:15am) every day this week (I volunteered to on Tuesday because several other people were out of the office that day and we needed someone from the department in early. I decided to see if I could do it the entire week and I did. I usually have trouble coming in that early but I was able to force myself into that schedule for a week. I may try and stick to it next week to since it would be helpful given what's going on.)

Tonight I went over to KFG at jimbexleyspeed's house. That was lots of fun. Had several burgers with garlic and cheese built into the burgers. Good, but I think I need more experience with grilling burgers. The last one was the best mostly because it spent the least time on the grill.

We also encountered a stupid mosquito trapped by a spider:
thumbnail of stupid mosquito

And a test was conducted to find the best pillow for napping on the couch:
<img src="http://aaronwalker.org/jtemp/t20030726pillowysoft.jpg" alt="thumbnail of couch snuggling></a> One fun things about friends who enjoy their alcohol: you can tell them the same information over and over again for the first time.

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