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Most people probably won't care.

I got up this morning and after showering and shaving I sat down at my computer to watch the keynote (already in progress). The Quicktime 6/MPEG-4 stream actually pretty well.

My main reaction to what I saw: Whoop-de-freakin'-do. Jobs showed the improved Address Book and iCal, a new calendar program for OS X. He also showed off some of the OS X 10.2 features, nothing really new though.

I was really disappointed in the 10.2 announcement. There wasn't any mention of an upgrade price or anything. I'm not saying it should be a free update, but there definitely should be a difference in price for people who don't own any version of X and those who've bought X within the past year.

I was also disappointed in the .Mac announcement. I was hoping they'd do more of a consumer/pro distinction where they kept iTools free (maybe slightly more limited than it is now) and added .Mac as an option for people who needed more functionality. I see they are doing a 60 day trial, but I think giving away a 1 year membership with a new Mac would be a much better idea.

Jobs started announcing iTunes 3.0 when the stream suddenly cut out. I tried reconnecting but it just wasn't happening. I watched a summary for a little while then finally gave up and came to work. It looks like I missed the best parts of the Keynote.

iTunes 3 does have some handy new features, but it's only for OS X so I can use it at home but not at work (yet).

Apple (as expected) announced a new 20GB iPod. I haven't looked at it much yet, but I may buy one for myself. They dropped the prices on the 5GB and 10GB models, and added a new remote control.

Apple (as expected) announced a new 17" iMac. It looks like it's just the high end model, but it has an improved graphics card and a larger 1440x900 screen. It might be an interesting option the next time I decide I'm ready to upgrade (hopefully it'll be at least a 1GHz G4 at that point.)

For me, the second most interesting app announced was iSync. It allows synchronization of Apple's Address Book and iCal with iPods and PalmOS devices. This means I can automatically have all of my contact and calendar information synchronized, from my Macs to my Visor to (in the future) my iPod. Very cool.

The most interesting app for me announced today was not announced by Apple, it was announced by Microsoft. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac OS X allows you to connect to a PC from your Mac and control it as if you were sitting in front of it. With the promised VPN functionality in 10.2, this could mean that I could do just about everything I need to do from my Mac at home instead of needing to have a PC to use at home for work.

It's really strange when the most interesting news from MacWorld for me actually comes from Microsoft.

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