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15th-Aug-2003 11:05 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
My main Le Conte 2003 pictures were down for a while yesterday while I replaced them with higher quality copies. All links and thumbnails should be working now. I also have some panoramic Le Conte 2003 pictures and two Quicktime VR panoramas for sunset and sunrise.

Pictures from vaxjo's party should be up sometime next week.

Watched Wet Hot American Summer last night. It was pretty mediocre. I thought a couple of the deleted scenes were funnier than anything in the main movie. Maybe I just don't have enough experience with the summer camp movie genre to fully appreciate it.

monstersocks' reunion is this weekend. I don't think I have much of anything planned yet aside from that.

If Apple finally releases new laptops next week I'll probably be ordering one. I can't know which one until they release them (assuming they ever will.)
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