Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Sport is styleful. Remember!

An old friend from school was in town tonight (since Sunday actually but I didn't know it until yesterday) and we went out to Bascali's for dinner. Bret's living down in Missouri these days working on his PhD. He was in town because his wife is interviewing for jobs or something (she's got two more years of law school to go but apparently one interviews for jobs early then arranges internships with the people they interviewed with or something, it seemed fairly complicated.) It was good to catch up on stuff.

Bret shared this website with me. I think some people I know might enjoy this painting.

I also found a webpage for a guy I went to high school with.

Still no new Powerbooks. BTO 12" Powerbooks are up to 7-10 days but stock models are still at 3-5 days.
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