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Love to time's freedom! So, want summer? 
22nd-Aug-2003 11:43 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
It's probably a good thing we postponed our release if this morning is any indication.

First, woke up late. Either I turned off my alarm in my sleep or I forgot to set it last night.
Second, got to one of the sets of train tracks near work just as a very (5+ minute) long train was starting to cross. (I did get to finish a couple Micro Mega Games while waiting.)

Not all is negative though. I found http://goreydetails.net/ (thanks to mskitty23) and they've got some fun stuff. I also added optional date display to my binary clock widget last night. I still need to work on the images some to make them more legible on dark/complicated backgrounds. I also cleaned up my computer area a little bit and moved my work pc into the bottom of the printer stand.
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