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Pure style wonders tender. My team? 
26th-Aug-2003 10:11 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I think it's a little sad when I get email from a coworker and I want to congratulate them on their use of proper capitalization. (Many of the folks here at work aren't able to use anything but ALL CAPS.)

Somehow I spaced out yesterday and managed to forget my gym bag at home. I only discovered this as I was leaving work on my way to the gym. So, I decided to just head to Como Lake for a walk or two around the lake instead of going to the gym. The scenery's much better at Como, but it's a bit warmer especially on the far side of the lake with fewer trees and more sunlight. I was also a bit more formally dressed than I usually am at the gym. Lots of sweating.
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