Aaron (coprock) wrote,

High School Days

So, I went back to my parents' house in North Carolina for a week. There was a 10-ish year reunion for my high school (classes of '92, '93 and '94), my mother's birthday was that week and it was time to deal with all of the stuff I left at my parents' house many years ago.

I got in on Friday without any significant problems. I'd been worried about recent tightened security (I read that new FAA guidelines required passengers to turn on all electronic devices when going through security- I generally travel with at least six) but aside from swabbing my bag thoroughly my trip through security was uneventful.

It was really strange being back home again. My brother's bedroom is gone, replaced by the expanded kitchen. My old bedroom has moved over a bit and is now the Extra bedroom and the old bathroom is gone, replaced by a new full bathroom and a 3/4 bathroom for the Extra bedroom. The strangest part was being in one of the old parts of the house that hasn't changed and then walking into the new portion of the house. It felt like I wasn't really in the right house.

The reunion was actually a lot of fun. By the end of the evening about 20% of my class had shown up (3 total including me out of a class of about seventeen.) One was my good friend Matt who is currently living in the Boston area, the other was Jessica who was apparently in the Twin Cities recently. Sadly Gabe didn't make it despite still living in the area. Most of the folk at the reunion were from the classes of '93 and '94 (much larger than our class to begin with.) I had a really good time talking to the folks I was close to and to the folks I never knew very well. I was really glad that both Matt and Garth showed up. I managed to remember everyone's name except for one person and I had to ask two people before I found out what it was. There were a few people I'd hoped might show up who didn't, but it was a very fun evening regardless.

I think I enjoyed the reunion so much because it was a lot of people that I was familiar with but there was also something of a distance since I probably won't be seeing any of them again anytime soon. I can't remember the last time I was that relaxed in a large social situation (although twenty or thirty people isn't really that large.)

I've uploaded some pictures from the reunion.

I spent most of the rest of the week sorting through stuff and trying to get rid of as much as I could. I sold/recycled/got rid of most of the stuff but still some remained. I shipped some old comics up to my apartment in Minnesota and managed to get about $100 credit by selling some old books and audio tapes to a couple used book stores in Durham/Carrboro. I left a few bins of stuff that I hadn't been able to deal with so there's still work to be done on another trip.

It's late and I need to head to bed. More on the trip later.


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