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Bits and Pieces

Spent plenty of time this weekend playing with my new toy. Also spent some time digging through piles of stuff trying to find original CDs so I could get all the software I need installed. Like many things in my apartment, my computer stuff has resisted several attempts at organization. I narrowly avoided several crapalanches while digging around at the bottom of various piles. As a side effect of digging through stuff I did finally get around to programming my universal remote to work with my new DVD player.

It was a lot easier to sort and toss stuff when I was back at my parents' house earlier this month. It helped to have far fewer distractions and to have nothing to do except sort and toss. I doubt I'll take a weeklong vacation to get my apartment in order anytime soon though.

Speaking of my parents, the woman who stole a couple boxes of checks from my parents' mailbox was caught and arrested in Mebane recently after trying to cash some of the checks. In addition to the checks she also had some crack with her.

Unwise Microwave Experiments (I think this link may have circulated before but I ran across it again today.)

Men In Hats came back to life last month and nobody told me.

I think there was something else I was going to say but I don't remember what it was. (LJ ate my first attempt to post this although it was mostly KeenSpace's fault.)

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