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Weekend Update 
28th-Sep-2003 11:47 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Bah, hit the wrong key and lost what I'd typed (I hit reload instead of new tab). Now, the abridged version:

Thursday- Had dinner with monstersocks, bought a suit and watched some TV.

Friday- Went to the gym then took monstersocks out to dinner at Moscow on the Hill. It was really busy there but sadly their new blini bar (The Crepes Room) was completely empty each time we passed.

Saturday- Puttered around at home for a while and played some old videogames then ran a few errands. (I think I saw alisgray and eqe in the Thai restaurant by Barnes and Noble.) Once monstersocks was done helping her friend paint her apartment (and I was done watching Goldeneye) we went to India Palace for dinner then went out and saw Underworld. It was better than I'd been told. I really liked the new Resident Evil trailer (although monstersocks didn't appreciate my giggling.)

(On a tangent solely related to the television right now, I still want to smack the idiots responsible for The Fast and the Furious.)

Sunday- Did a little cleaning (sadly very little) and went out to Sunday dinner. Read some comics too.
29th-Sep-2003 08:26 am (UTC)
Yep, that was us.
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