Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Friday Fun

After work I went to the gym. I'm so tired of the gym. Not only that, but I get to give them money again soon. Hooray!

Anyway, after that I stopped by my apartment to pick up some supplies, then headed over to monstersocks' to pick her up, then on to KFG. Had a couple cheese(inthe)burgers and two grilled pop-tarts. One was a bit underdone, the other overdone. Practice makes perfect.

Afterwards monstersocks had to go to bed so she can get up for her class tomorrow. I rushed over to the Riverview to catch the Hong Kong movie. It was... interesting. Quite a few creepy/unpleasant scenes, and a lot more gratuitous nudity than usual. Also a much happier ending than I generally expect.

Oh, and I got the pictures from my reunion that the guy from the school took. It was his first time using the digital camera and apparently he wasn't aware of the resolution setting. Every picture is 640x480 (the same type my Clie can take).

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