Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Short Notice Birthday Event

What: Dinner at The Crepes Room (next to Moscow On The Hill) to celebrate my 30th Birthday
When: 5PM Saturday October 11th

If you can read this, you're invited. monstersocks and I will be there at 5pm (and we're probably going up the Highland Water Tower before that.)

It's much more casual than Moscow On The Hill. You just go up to the counter and order from the menu then they bring it out to your table when your food's ready. All sorts of dishes wrapped in crepes (plus pelmeni and pirogi) with several vegetarian dishes. I don't think anything's over $10.

Every time I've been there so far it's been pretty empty so I don't think any sort of reservations will be a problem. If you think you might show up, please leave a comment so we have a rough idea of how many people might show up and so we can know if we need to try and pull several of the little tables together.

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