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Thoughts on turning 00011110 
10th-Oct-2003 03:29 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
  1. I'm eleven years younger than James Wesley Marsters and a year younger than Eminem
  2. I'm a lot younger than Vodka
  3. In the past two years I've been working out three times a week (while healthy and in town) and have lost around thirty pounds (I'm down twelve and a half since my birthday last year).
  4. I've been at my current job for over seven years. I've been in my current apartment for over five.
  5. I've spent most the past eleven years in Minnesota .
  6. When my father turned 30 I was 4 (and my brother was 0).
I think I had a few others but I don't remember what they are anymore.

I got quite a few boxes in the mail yesterday. Sadly most of them were books and clothes and other stuff from my parents that I hadn't gotten around to shipping when I was cleaning up my old stuff last month. A few were presents though (to be opened tonight.)
Steak and Mojitos at Kincaid's tonight for dinner.
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