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Weekend Update 
12th-Oct-2003 02:33 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Dinner on Friday was great. The drinks weren't as good as the last time we went (not as strong and they seemed to be surprised when I asked for a Mojito that wasn't primarily pineapple juice or raspberry something) but everything else was very good. monstersocks got me an Andes Mint cheesecake from the cheesecake place on Snelling. Very good.
I am now the owner of an X-Box. I went out today and picked up Knights of the Old Republic for it along with an X-Box Live kit and proper video adapter. (This is the second console I own which Microsoft was involved with and they both were birthday presents.) The other gifts I received included (in no particular order) an Army of Darkness flask, a book on the making of The Big Lebowski, Say Anything (kickboxing, sport of the future), a collection of Muppet skits from the Ed Sullivan Show, Season 3 of the Simpsons, some DVD+Rs from my parents with something really cool on them which I can't access yet but hopefully will on Monday, Several books, a fine mug, a really cool blue globe that displays floating text showing caller id info or the date or time or other stuff and a few things I didn't mention.

Our trip up the water tower was called off today due to weather and a severe lack of time. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow. The weather forecast looks much more promising.

The only time this weekend I really felt my age was when I stopped by a local videogame store and browsed while several kids were talking with the employee running things.

Had a good dinner at the Crepes Room with monstersocks and eriker. Had a good time at jimbexleyspeed's party.

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