Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Weekend Update

Dinner on Friday was great. The drinks weren't as good as the last time we went (not as strong and they seemed to be surprised when I asked for a Mojito that wasn't primarily pineapple juice or raspberry something) but everything else was very good. monstersocks got me an Andes Mint cheesecake from the cheesecake place on Snelling. Very good.
I am now the owner of an X-Box. I went out today and picked up Knights of the Old Republic for it along with an X-Box Live kit and proper video adapter. (This is the second console I own which Microsoft was involved with and they both were birthday presents.) The other gifts I received included (in no particular order) an Army of Darkness flask, a book on the making of The Big Lebowski, Say Anything (kickboxing, sport of the future), a collection of Muppet skits from the Ed Sullivan Show, Season 3 of the Simpsons, some DVD+Rs from my parents with something really cool on them which I can't access yet but hopefully will on Monday, Several books, a fine mug, a really cool blue globe that displays floating text showing caller id info or the date or time or other stuff and a few things I didn't mention.

Our trip up the water tower was called off today due to weather and a severe lack of time. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow. The weather forecast looks much more promising.

The only time this weekend I really felt my age was when I stopped by a local videogame store and browsed while several kids were talking with the employee running things.

Had a good dinner at the Crepes Room with monstersocks and eriker. Had a good time at jimbexleyspeed's party.


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