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Just Like A Mantis 
25th-Oct-2003 02:04 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Headed down to Southdale for the 10.3 release tonight. At first I thought there was no line, then I realized the line was heading over towards CPK and the theaters. It was pretty long at 8 (past CPK and the Cooper/Mini dealership) so I decided to wait while watching Kill Bill. Plenty of good trailers and a good movie. I still don't like Uma Thurman much but I thought she did pretty well. The whole Volume 1/2 thing is a bit irritating though.

After the movie I headed back to the Apple Store where the line was much more manageable (maybe 30 people or so). I got in after a little while and looked around trying to figure out what to get with the unadvertised but rumored 10% discount. (It was pretty warm in the store and a little rank.) Ran into s4 and chatted a while. Spent more time debating various purchases before finally biting the bullet and splurging.

I dropped by monstersocks' on my way home and waited for her to get back from Tunnel of Terror.
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