Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Feast or famine

So, I had a really great trip out to New York for my brother's wedding, then had a really great trip down to Tennessee for my family's annual hike up Mount LeConte. I keep having trouble finding time to write about everything that happened in each, so I don't write at all. Should have known that would happen.

I've been having some fun messing around with Photoshop Elements with the pictures I took on both trips. I've had my digital camera for almost two years now and I'm finally getting to figuring out what I can do with the pictures after they're taken.

I'm now using OS X at home for both my Cube and my iBook. I may boot to 9 for some CDs I'm working on right now, but for the most part I've made the switch at home. Hopefully the Jaguar transition later this month won't be too tough.

There's a new geek toy out there and I want one. It could replace my cellphone and my pager and add always on internet access for a flat rate. They were mentioned in the news section of Penny Arcade on Wednesday, and the CEO contacted them shortly thereafter to see about a portable friendly version of Penny Arcade. Very cool.
I actually first heard about them because Woz is on their board of directors or something. Then I forgot about them for a while, but they appear to have created a really cool toy I don't think it will replace my Visor, but it could simplify things a bit.

Big party at jodi's this weekend.

I may head over to the Apple Store this weekend to drool at some stuff and see if there's any reason I shouldn't go ahead and buy an iPod.


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