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Out with the old… 
17th-Nov-2003 11:31 pm (UTC)
Did you try searching at the shoppers price search within zdnet.com (i forget the webaddress that takes you directly there)? They pulled out some great deals for me recently.
18th-Nov-2003 08:23 am (UTC)
I hadn't tried zdnet. I used http://www.froogle.com/ to find the j&r deal.

I've been wanting a new 802.11g router for a while but hadn't seen one that supported WPA at a price I liked yet. Last night I saw the SMC in the MicroCenter flier (after having set up monstersocks' iBook with an SMC 802.11g router) for a reasonable price after rebate so I decided to do a little more shopping. (I'd found a Netgear model for a good price a week or so ago but it didn't seem to support WPA which was a big part of my desire for upgrading to 802.11g.)
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