Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Amazing Discoveries

Today I discovered that stores actually open before 10am on Saturday mornings. I had no idea.

monstersocks and I went to the Perfect Circle concert last night (the reason we sadly missed grilling) and I took her to the airport this morning. Next I ran some errands and looked for ideas for christmas gifts for people. (I also discovered that the new 20" iMac is really nice.)

I went to the 1pm showing of Bubba Ho-Tep at the Uptown. I thought it was great. More time was spent on the concept of aging than I expected, but I thought Bruce Campbell as Elvis was wonderful. Sadly I think they were just teasing us about "Bubba Nosferatu". (So I didn't get picked to attend BNAT, at least I got to see one really cool movie this weekend. Lucky bastards.)

Did more shopping (almost picked up a new shredder but decided instead to do the purging now and see how much stuff accumulates in the "To Shred" pile) then stopped at work to make sure things were still okay following yesterday's excitement. Finally came home and got a call from monstersocks to hear she'd arrived safely.

Did I forget anything important? Oh, I got dinner at McDonald's and discovered they don't have 9 piece chicken nuggets now, they have 10 piece packages. Weird. I also ordered an Arctic Orange milkshake but I'm pretty sure what I got was eggnog. At least I got rid of my Susan B Anthony dollars at the drive thru.

Tomorrow will hopefully involve some cleaning and maybe a movie (my Alien Quadrilogy set showed up this week) and most likely less fast food. Oh, and I should remember to call my sister in law and wish her a happy belated (by one day) birthday.

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