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13th-Dec-2003 02:07 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Delicious burgers at kfg tonight. A little overdone outside but just right inside. Too bad this was the last one. Fortunately I do have four more burgers that I froze in preparation for future meals. It was a very good turnout for the final event, including jodi and heidiz. I brought some Izzy Pops to share (and saw Grapefruit Midori ice cream while I was picking them up, I need to try some soon.)

I finally got around to buying a new battery charger for my camera so I took some pictures for posterity.

Cool, Image Capture actually looks at orientation sensor EXIF data. Nice. It also does a little rotating cube animation while cycling the previews of imported pictures. Fancy. Looks like the Remote Monitor function isn't supported though. Too bad.
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