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Weekend Update 
14th-Dec-2003 11:24 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Woke up slightly later than initially planned on Saturday morning and went over to heidiz and 433's old place to help move heidiz's stuff out. We made pretty good time and I think it only took about four carloads to get almost everything dealt with. heidiz's sister now has a much wider assortment of treasures in her basement. After the move was done we went over to Bangkok Thai for a late lunch.

Later monstersocks and I got together and did a little shopping then went out for dinner at Fuddrucker's.

Sunday was sleep, the Sunday paper and dinner with monstersocks' family, then the Survivor finale (slightly delayed due to the whole whoop-de-do about capturing Saddam Hussein.) Oh, we also went over to Izzy's for dessert. I tried the Grapefruit Midori but decided I prefer coconut.

And now, Geek Tattoos.
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