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Had a great time at the Triple Threat Sagittarian Hoo-Haw and Cake Walk™ last night at vaxjo's place. I won birdfigment's tasty cookies and orange icing and monstersocks won a pumpkin pie with whipped cream (to go along with all of her other presents.)
ethel managed to get pictures online already despite using analog technology. sxoidmal also got some pictures online with his digital camera. I haven't even gotten the pictures off of my camera yet.
We stayed at the party veeeeeeery late (wasn't particularly safe to drive as I realized on the way home, but got here without incident.) I slept away much of today. monstersocks called a little after 2 and we made plans to go shopping once I'd dragged my lazy ass out of bed and gotten ready to face the day. I spent some time scrambling to find the tape adapter for my iPod so we could have some christmas tunes in the car but then monstersocks called and reminded me that I'd loaned it to her. We went to 42nd St. Gifts over on Minnehaha then headed to the MoA. Parking wasn't bad at all (got a great spot right as I pulled in by the entrance) and the crowds inside weren't nearly as bad as one might have thought. Had luck with some of what I was looking for but not all of it. It's definitely looking like Plan B for my cousin (no, not Plan B.)
monstersocks managed to figure out her birthday surprise for tomorrow despite the use of unrelated clues, damnit.

Now, sleep, about five hours earlier than last night.

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