Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Picture Pages

I really like taking pictures but I have the same problem with them that I do with my apartment- I have too many I like and I can't bear to get rid of any of them. I'm trying to put together some books as christmas presents (although it's looking unlikely that they'll be finished in time) and it takes me a long time to transform 500+ pictures into a reasonable number for a book (under 40).

In general I'm a lot less interested in making "perfect" pictures than I am in attempting to capture the events that happened. I agonize over a pair of pictures trying to decide which captured the moment better and it's even worse if I try to caption the pictures.

Another thing I've noticed is that I mostly take landscape orientation pictures. I don't know if that's primarily the influence of using computers so much and watching tv etc. that has been locked into a 4x3 wide aspect ratio instead of a 4x3 portrait aspect ratio. In an iPhoto book I think it works a lot better if you have a combination of the two, it just looks more interesting. (As an aside, I really like the orientation sensors in my Canon cameras especially now that OS X automatically rotates my pictures as I import them. It's a simple yet elegant implementation and I'm surprised that other manufacturers don't do it. I'm also surprised that no one else does what Sony does with the night vision pictures on their high end cameras, but now I'm completely off topic.)

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