Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Not too much going on recently. monstersocks has been sick since I got back and hasn't been up for much excitement. She seems to finally be getting a bit better though. If she'd been feeling up to it we would have gone out to gidon's victory party this weekend, I'm sad we missed it.

We've been watching a bit of Firefly recently. I finally saw Out Of Gas.

Christmas is almost over. I think there's one more gift lurking for me at monstersocks' place (kalmn liked the Spike Collector Plate, yay!)

No progress on the cleaning front recently, hopefully I'll get motivated again soon.

Still enduring the New Year's thing, but hopefully it'll get better soon.

When I was younger I drank plenty of soft drinks, but fortunately I was never quite as insane as this guy is about Pepsi.
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