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16th-Jan-2004 11:15 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
So I was reading Penny-Arcade this morning and they referred to a news story about Michael Powell's new campaign against "dirty words".

The article mentioned a move " to remove any discretion from the FCC and ban seven dirty words from broadcast TV and radio" but it sadly didn't list the seven words. It did mention that the bill "lists such swear-words as those used for excrement, the sex act, urine and parts of the body. The list includes one word, a -- h -- , twice, as one word, and in its compound form."

Now if we assume they're going with George Carlin's list they'd have:
  1. Shit
  2. Piss
  3. Fuck
  4. Cunt
  5. Cock Sucker
  6. Mother Fucker
  7. Tits

They've included two not on this list which means they must approve of two from the list.

Crazy people.

Aha, I found someone who posted the text of the bill online!

So, apparently "Tits" is a perfectly acceptable word now and has been removed from the list of 7 Dirty Words.

Oh, and they can apparently say "Shit" on Space Ghost now (or at the very least they're willing to).
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