Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Friday: Went to the gym (so far this year I've done a pretty good job of keeping to the schedule) then picked up monstersocks and took her to Southdale. Ran by the Apple Store to get iLife (because I'm a great big geek) and talked briefly to s4 and saw star5 working there as well. Had dinner at CPK.

Saturday: Slept, did a little shopping (got some clearance candy at the soon to be closed Fanny Farmer's in Rosedale) then had dinner at Macaroni Grille (not bad) and went out to the previously mentioned party. Showed people the picture of me next to Colonel Sanders at the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Corbin KY. (We stopped there over vacation because some friends of my brother had been claiming that the first Kentucky Fried Chicken was in Utah so we took a couple pictures.)

Sunday: Slept very very hard. Got up and had the traditional Sunday dinner. (Dino's Gyros is using a slogan on their cups and wrappers: "Who Loves' Ya Baby" or "Who Loves Ya Baby!" or "Who Loves Ya Baby". I'd had something of a problem with it because I thought it should have a question mark, not an exclamation point, but that was before I saw the one with the apostrophe. It isn't even warning you of an impending s, it's just kind of sitting out there hoping to piss people off.)
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