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Weekend Update 
27th-Jan-2004 02:37 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Worked out at the gym then picked up pizza for dinner with monstersocks. Caught up on TV (except for one episode of CSI which was instead an episode of Cold Case for some reason).

Had the buffet at India Palace with monstersocks (continuing to celebrate her return to health) an then ran various errands. Went out to the Riverview and saw Matrix Revolutions for $2. I might have tried to see The Big Lebowski there too but I hadn't realized it was playing until we started making our Matrix plans.

Dinner with monstersocks' family as usual and some cleanup around the house. I started trying to look at my bookshelves to find books I can get rid of (which seems very very wrong). I regret the current state of my books, there's no significant rhyme or reason to their organization, except for somewhat by size. They're also spread out on various shelves all around my apartment. Also worked on taking pictures for my previous post.

Went to the gym (I got to brush off my car after work and after the gym, hooray!) then came home for some leftover pizza. Played around with some AppleScript stuff and watched a little TV. I think I may get another AppleScript book if I want to make much more progress.

I'm going to try to make it to Matrix Revolutions at the Zoo tonight (monstersocks wanted to see it in a regular theater before seeing the Imax version but the Imax version is only here until tomorrow and it's only playing after 5pm today.)
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