Aaron (coprock) wrote,

I'm gonna rip you a new puppet hole

I've been thinking about the Best Angel Ever this week.

I think the puppet guy was also They Got The Mustard Out guy. (At first he just reminded me of Swan from Cannibal, but I kept thinking I knew him from somewhere else too.)

Apparently They Got The Mustard Out guy was David Fury as was The Puppet Guy. Cool. There's also David Fury's IMDB Page.

Not too much going on this week. I've been reading the first Cerebus collection lately (I think it's getting somewhat near the end so I thought I'd work on reading through it again) and playing some Halo. It's definitely reminiscent of Marathon, but I'm definitely not the first person to think so. We had a lot of fun back in '94/'95 playing Marathon in the dorm.
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