Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Messy morning. Main roads seem okay but side streets (and my apartment complex's parking lot) are pretty miserable. The 35W/36 interchange was pretty bad (I saw at least one car off the road there). I saw one car in my apartment's parking lot that appeared to be having trouble getting up the hill. Not sure if they were stuck at some ice or what.

I finished Guys and all but my missing issue of Rick's Story. Now I either have to find the missing issue or buy the collection (or be a bad person and read the last issue of the collection sneakily in a store).

Finally got a haircut last night. It may be leftover from having long hair for such a long time, but I really like getting my hair cut. I still haven't tried any CheapAssHaircuts chain place yet. I also went out to Target with monstersocks and bought junk I don't need (like caramel apple newtons).

(from http://www.boingboing.net/ )

New fluid based camera lenses that work a lot like an eye.

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