Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Weekend Update

There was way too much going on at work on Friday so I didn't get out until later than usual. I decided to skip the gym since going would have pushed the rest of the evening's plans too far back. monstersocks and I had dinner at India Palace and then stopped by Izzy's for dessert.

On Saturday I went out to lunch at Cossetta's with a couple old friends from college (Brian and Lieutenant Meg, MD). I heard a rumor that one of my old roommates had gotten married recently but it turns out he's just engaged.

On Sunday I was part of a Lundsten Family Portrait taken by hypoxia.

Other Stuff:
Still reading lots of Cerebus. I never found that one missing issue so I picked up the Rick's Story compilation at Dreamhaven. I'm a little past issue 250 so I only have about four years left. monstersocks mentioned she thought it odd that I could find time to read the entire 300 issue run of a comic book but not to work on organizing my apartment (aka sorting through piles of stuff and throwing out 90% of it).

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