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Bits and baubles 
16th-Mar-2004 11:12 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
The Liz Phair show at First Ave last week was really good. I think she played more new stuff this time than last time though and it was only album stuff. I'd like to hear some of the less widely available stuff (Don't Have Time or stuff off the internet only ep). She's singing much higher than she used to (monstersocks had a technical term for it but I just wished she'd stop trying to sing more like a chipmunk).

After the show we got to see a real live high speed chase. I was coming up on the 32nd Street intersection with Hiawatha when I saw some flashing red lights in my rearview mirror. I pulled over to the side of the road and saw a white car barreling down the road on the right hand side. It slowed down a little and made its way between the cars through the red light. Next two police cars with flashing lights and sirens came down Hiawatha, followed by another two, followed by another two, followed by two more from 32nd Street. Once they'd all passed we headed over to 32nd and then Minnehaha where we were passed by two more police cars hurtling down Minnehaha.

monstersocks and I went out to Moscow On The Hill on Friday. I was a bit concerned as we passed the Crepes Room because it was dark and empty. It turns out they're doing some remodeling right now and will be open again later. We were going to try a Thai restaurant I've never been to on Saturday (they have a wheel of ham and shrimp appetizer!) but they were booked solid.

I got a letter in the mail from Saturn last night offering Blue Book value (excellent condition) plus one thousand dollars if I trade in my car and get a new or used one. Pretty tempting but I'm not too excited about having car payments again. It did motivate me to do a little research on current Saturns and the Toyota Prius. A new car would be nice but I think I'm going to hang on to my '97 Saturn for a while longer.
16th-Mar-2004 08:31 pm (UTC)
My dream car is a Prius.
16th-Mar-2004 10:04 pm (UTC)
monstersocks' sister has one. I'd like to get one but I don't quite need a new car yet. (Sadly I have to be honest and admit that I want it more for the gadget coolness of it than from my desire for good gas mileage.)
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