Aaron (coprock) wrote,

On The Road

Plenty of driving today.

Got up and drove to monstersocks' place to pick her up so we could go to Udupi in Columbia Heights for their lunch buffet. I was somewhat underwhelmed. I'll admit I was a bit biased going into it, Udupi is a vegetarian restaurant and I'm not a particularly vegetarian individual. (I talked a lot in college about founding an omnivore club, Macalester Omnivores Organized, but I never did.) Anyway, we showed up around 1:30is and it was very noisy and crowded. After a little while we got seated and got to check out the buffet. There was a mushroom curry that I kind of liked but it was there the first time I went through and gone the next. Nothing else was too exciting to my palate but monstersocks found plenty that she liked. In addition to being entirely vegetarian, Udupi prepares Southern Indian cuisine while most Indian restaurants I've been to have prepared more Northern Indian cuisine. They also kept running out of the things I wanted to eat without having restocked them.

Anyway, I'm not trying to say Udupi is a bad restaurant, it's just not a great place for me. In general I don't like vegetarian food as much as, um, food with meat in it. I also may just like Northern Indian food better than Southern Indian food. Maybe I'll go back again sometime when they aren't doing the buffet so I can try something off the menu (at a time when it is hopefully less busy).

Next we went down to South Saint Paul to put monstersocks' parents' new home entertainment center back together (the piece of furniture is new, all the components were disassembled on Monday the day before the new furniture was originally supposed to arrive). That wasn't too bad despite a few "cord too short" problems.

We then headed back up to Roseville to do a little shopping, then over to the Mac/Groveland area for more shopping and back to Roseville for dinner. I feel bad about it but the chain restaurant dinner I had was a lot better than my authentic, genuine, small-business prepared lunch.

After dinner we came back to my apartment for the last (unseen by us) episode of Firefly including another actress who had been on Xena in addition to Gina Torres (maybe if Firefly had been on longer Bruce Campbell might have eventually shown up…) (Hey, and she's also Mickey Horton's daughter. Crazy. And Gina Torres was on M.A.N.T.I.S. with Mac grad Carl Lumbly.) Anyway, it was a good episode despite some kind of significant plot issues. (1. So they have no space contraceptives in the future? No space planned parenthood? You'd think a former Companion would be capable of avoiding having her whores get knocked up (and it's really hard to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition when using the phrase "knocked up" but I imagine that most people who use that phrase aren't really worried about such thing's.) 2. If Inara had cut the guy's throat when she had the chance her "good friend" wouldn't have died, but maybe that's what she wanted (even if she wouldn't admit it to herself). 3. Ooops, we forgot to lock the doors to the spaceship so the bad guys got in.)

Now I'm at home wasting time on IMDB instead of going to sleep. Speaking of which monstersocks and I saw Spartan on Friday at IGH. Good but far from perfect. I was amused to see the guy from Unhappily Ever After and the guy from Married With Children in the same movie, especially when you consider they also had Bango from Prayer of the Rollerboys.

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