Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Apparently, I'm a Rat Bastard!

So, last night monstersocks called me a little before 10pm because she was having some computer trouble. I drove over and helped her out, then came back home at around 11:30pm. I decided to stay out of the bedroom since my downstairs neighbor has been harassing me more and more about being in there after 10pm recently. I watched a little TV and read some, then decided to go to bed around 2:15am.

I walked into my bedroom (this is the first time I'd been in there since well before 10pm) and started getting undressed. Suddenly, I heard a loud banging noise from downstairs. Apparently walking into the room had significantly disturbed my downstairs neighbor. In addition to pounding on the ceiling, he apparently decided that some yelling would also help. I think he said something like "Go to sleep scumbag! Go to sleep you rat bastard!"

The pounding pisses me off because it makes me tense and concerns me that he may end up getting violent. I was mostly amused by the yelling though. I don't think I've ever been called a "rat bastard" before.

I'm working on a letter to send to the apartment management. I'm trying to meet this guy halfway and take his feeling into account, but his behavior is getting more and more erratic and I'm starting to get concerned. I'd also like to know exactly what he thinks his pounding is accomplishing, since he only seems to do it when I'm going to bed.

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