Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Today's Word Is "Goth Pimp"

I skipped the gym again yesterday and instead walked twice around Como Lake with monstersocks. We had dinner at Chipotle in Inver Grove Heights (with very loud music but it wasn't as crowded as the Highland location usually is) then headed down to the Showplace 16 for Dawn of the Dead. Pretty good although I had a plot complaint. Why would you let Ving Rhames drive again after what happened to the first vehicle he drove?. The audience wasn't particularly well behaved, but at least two of the three women with babies left during the movie. I didn't recognize the guy from American Gothic as such until I checked IMDB. He looked sort of familiar but that was about it.

Firefly personality test: 70% Zoe

Dim sum today. Yum. monstersocks, sxoidmal, gidon, and eriker all made it. clearerblue forgot and ladyslaughter and komatoast were unable to attend due to other obligations.

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