Aaron (coprock) wrote,

On a brighter note...

Ugh. Most of my recent entries have just been venting about my neighbor, so I wanted a post that was a little cheerier.

Oh, how I want this camera. I read the review recently and it sounds so cool. I've gotten some really good responses to the pictures I took at the wedding, and with a nicer camera I could take even better pictures. This one also has all sorts of cool features like a remote control and the ability to take a certain number of pictures with a specified delay between them. That would have been neat on LeConte for taking pictures of sunrise since I could have just set it to take pictures every fifteen seconds or something and gotten some neat shots. I also could loan a camera like this to monstersocks so that she could take pictures of herself without me being involved. This would also work with the IBM Microdrive so I could take 1GB of pictures at a time.

However, I don't take pictures that often. I enjoy it, but there isn't that much that I need to take pictures of most of the time. That camera also is bigger than my current one and uses different memory and batteries so getting it would be much more than just the initial camera cost. A smaller camera would be more useful since I could have it with me more often, but I couldn't have it with me all of the time unless I start wearing a large fanny pack. I'm already at my limit with my wallet, Visor, keys, cellphone and pager. I'd like to have my iPod with me more often but my belt is already kind of maxed out. I just bought an iPod, and last year I bought a G4 Cube and an iBook. Christmas is coming up, along with several other traditionally expensive gift giving occasions.

I also haven't finished sorting through my pictures from LeConte yet. I took over four hundred pictures and I'm about 25% done going through and cleaning them up with Photoshop Elements. I don't think I need to consider any new hardware while I'm still dealing with stuff created with the old hardware.

My birthday's coming up, but I sadly don't know anyone quite wealthy enough to consider giving me a camera like that. Even if I did, they'd probably realize that I don't need a camera that expensive.

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