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Movie Day! 
3rd-Apr-2004 11:42 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Movies Seen: 3 (Walking Tall, The Ladykillers and Hellboy)
Bags of Popcorn: 3
Blue Raspberry Icees: 5

I probably would have seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind instead of Walking Tall but monstersocks wants to see that one with me. Walking Tall wasn't bad, an enjoyable if cliched film. I was a little surprise that Duane was credited as "The Rock" in all of the credits. Ladykillers was good. I've never seen the original but it was a fun film and it's good to see Hanks getting back to his roots. The Wayans wasn't nearly as bad as I feared he'd be, but Stephen Root seemed wasted in his minor role. The brief Bruce Campbell cameo was fun. monstersocks joined me for Hellboy. I've never read the comics but I really enjoyed the film. I'm curious to know more about the character so I may pick up some of the comics at some point (or maybe not).
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