Aaron (coprock) wrote,

I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

Not a whole lot going on right now. monstersocks continues to get better (slowly). I've been playing GTA3 some (not as much as I'd like but maybe more than I should). I never found all of the hidden packages the first time through, this time I downloaded a list off the internet and am using it to find them all. It's a lot of fun getting back to Liberty City and it reminded me that GTA3 was better than Vice City in some ways (you don't have to drop one weapon to pick up another, you can get 6 bribes at your hideout, the different areas seem much more distinct, etc.) I also finally got around to getting a set of MAME discs recently so I've been playing them a bit too.

It looks like there's a Netflix price increase coming soon. Disappointing, sort of like when they started charging sales tax. I've been a member for quite a while and part of why I stick around is that I have an older plan (4 discs a month) for the current price (3 discs a month). With this price increase I'm tempted to consider trying some of their competition although I could just cancel outright. I don't make good use of the service, it mostly helps me to avoid buying DVDs that I wouldn't watch anyway.

The Punisher and Kill Bill 2 come out this weekend. Hopefully I'll see at least one of them.

I've got to get up early tomorrow to try and buy tickets to the Pixies at Roy Wilkins 11/11/4.

Apparently Primus will be in town again on June 8th and you can buy a copy of their last show here or any other show on their last tour. I think the idea is cool and would be tempted if the show had been better. I'd hoped that as Primus again there'd be less noodly jam band nonsense but I was very wrong. The new tour doesn't sound much different: Well here it is the PRIMUS Hallucino-Genetics tour. Les Claypool, Larry Lalonde and Tim Alexander, the original PRIMUS, perform an entire evening of intricate rhythm laden, psychedelia.

I thought the line about shrimp in Angel this week was a bit familiar. It took me a while to remember where I'd heard it before but I finally did and the internet confirmed it.


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