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Weak End

After monstersocks' recent illness I skipped the gym all last week. I got back into the swing of things this week though (but oh, how I hate the gym). It wouldn't be so bad if I would ever be done with it, like reading a book.

Friday night monstersocks and I went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Southdale. (We'd been planning on going there the previous week before she got sick.) The reviews I'd read weren't that positive but I was pretty happy with the meal (although I doubt we'll return soon and if we do it certainly won't be at a time as busy as that one).

On Saturday I got up and ordered tickets for the Pixies show in November. Aside from the outrageous "convenience fees" it was the least unpleasant ticketmaster experience I've had in quite a while. I think the DiscLive concept is pretty interesting, selling copies of a concert after the show. I don't really understand the artificial scarcity though. This seems like the sort of thing that is perfectly geared towards online sales. Limiting the quantity made seems to just limit the money they can make with it. I'm sure the fans will find a way to get it if they aren't given a way to buy it. From what I've heard the show at the Fine Line was really good so I'm pretty optimistic about the concert later this year.

Later that day monstersocks and I went out to get her some shoes, then headed over to IHOP to try their stuffed french toast. We had a waiter named Bob who worked very hard (he spent some of his time sprinting around the restaurant) to please us "nice people".

We almost went to the zoo but realized as we were heading there that they probably closed soon (it was about half past two as we were driving down 77). We got to the zoo and learned that they did in fact close at 4pm. We figured we had almost an hour and a half and were already there so we'd try going. Sadly we got directed to a parking area by a far flung entrance that was closed. We hiked over to the main entrance and waited in line for maybe twenty minutes before abandoning the trip and deciding to attempt to return the next day. That plan was foiled by unpleasant weather forecasts which proved to be slightly inaccurate as the weather was windy but pleasant much of the day.

Plan B ended up being a trip to Target in some unspecified suburb (might have been Apple Valley, might have been Eagan). After Target we tried seeing a movie in that same unspecified suburb but they didn't have anything interesting looking playing in the near future. Sitting in the parking lot we finally came up with a good plan… Science Museum! (I'm a member and we hadn't checked out the robot exhibit yet.) Sadly we saw no signs of alisgray (it seems she works until 3 and we showed up around 4:45) but we really enjoyed wandering around the robot exhibit for quite a few hours. There was one strange moment when I was reading about a family that owned an Aibo and how they included it in family portraits, etc, and noticed that the name sounded a little familiar. There was a picture with the story and I recognized the guy as a former coworker of my friend Zach. I think I mostly remember the guy because of a story Zach told me about how he took the day off work when he first got a Tamagotchi.

We almost went to Midori's for dinner but decided as we were driving past Cossetta's to go there for dinner instead.

On Sunday I went out to see Kill Bill 2. I thought it was quite good, although unlike one member of the audience I don't think I would have brought my <current politically correct term for "retarded"> son to the movie so that he could sit in the front row and stand up and flail around during action sequences or scenes with loud music.

On Tuesday I left work and discovered my battery was dead. Just a few months ago I'd mentioned to my boss that my battery was over seven years old and he suggested a new one soon. Sadly I hadn't gotten around to it yet until the issue was forced. Fortunately it wasn't too late in the evening so I was able to find a few kind coworkers to help push my car into the shop where one of them hooked up a battery charger and I was able to get my car started. I let it run for a little while then called the dealership to find out about getting the battery replaced. The price sounded reasonable and they could do it that night so I went out and did it. I'm sure I could have saved some money by buying it elsewhere and installing it myself, but I just wanted the damn thing fixed.

I unlocked Shoreside Vale in GTA3 this week and retrieved (thanks to gamefaqs) the rest of the hidden packages, finished up the vigilante missions and the fire fighting missions so I've got all weapons and six bribes at the hideout. I also got a pair of tanks now that I can get six wanted stars. Fun, fun, fun. (The xbox version of GTA3 seems to have a worse camera for the tank though, if you rotate the turret around and fire behind you to build up speed you end up looking backwards so that you can't see where you're going (unless you use the first person camera view). Maybe the PS2 version did it too and I've just forgotten.)

Not surprising for a Krofft show, but Electra Woman and Dyna Girl causes such pain.

Just what the world needs, Semi-Permanent Tattoo Technology.

I need a shirt like this but they're all sold out of black XL.

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