October 9th, 2002

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Another neighborly update

Well, tonight I got my first call from my downstairs neighbor. It was a lot less obnoxious than the pounding on the ceiling or the knocking on the door.

I got home a little before 11pm, put some things away in my bedroom, then stayed out as requested by my neighbor. At around 12:45am I started getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth, etc. As part of that I walked from the living room to the bathroom and back a couple of times. I sat down on the couch at about 12:55am and the phone rang. I thought it might be monstersocks but she should have been asleep. The caller id came up "Robert Palombo". Bob was sure that I'd been in and out of the bedroom a couple of times. It took a little convincing, but I finally got him to understand that I actually hadn't been in the bedroom. He's going to try closing his bedroom door to see if that helps.

I feel a little bad if I wake him up walking around in the bedroom late at night, but I don't really feel bad if he wakes up when I'm walking to and from the bathroom.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Fred Estaire got no hair, nor does a chair or a chocolate eclaire, and where is the hair on a pear?

Nowhere mon frere.

I've had short hair for almost a year now. I really wish I'd switched sooner. I don't like having to pay to get it cut, but it's so nice to have short hair.

I'm a thrifty bastard so I can't actually make one of those fancypants polls, so I'll just ask the question and see if anyone responds.

If you have short hair (or even just shortish hair), how often do you get it cut?