October 28th, 2002

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

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An actual reason to get up early on a Saturday morning.

Pretty good weekend, all things considered.

Went out to a couple 'pooky things with monstersocks on Friday (and had dinner at Mi Tierra- slow service, good food). I'd been looking around online for high school friends earlier in the week and thought I might have found one so I sent him a brief email message. He responded by sending me this picture. Still not sure if it's the guy I went to school with or not.

Saturday I slept in then went out to see The Ring with monstersocks. It was a bit creepy, but not as scary as I'd been led to believe. Interesting though. We went out to dinner at Stuart Anderson's Cattle Company. A nice steak dinner with a side of steak skewers. We stopped at Cub and found twenty ounce bottles of Pepsi Blue- ten for $1.00. I bought twenty even though I don't really drink soft drinks these days. They might be useful for mixed drinks.

Sunday I slept in and cleaned up some. Did some more work on the kitchen. I could actually cook something in there now. I went out to dinner with monstersocks and her family as usual, then came back to my apartment. My friend Kelly from college was in town for a wedding so she dropped by and we hung out for a while. I hadn't seen her in over six years (she skipped out on the five year reunion.) It was really cool to just sit around catching up.