January 16th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Movie Days

I was thinking about trying to see a couple movies on Saturday but a few of the movies I'd hoped to see (like the new Bond movie) aren't playing much of anywhere anymore. Maybe I'll just watch a couple DVDs instead. Maybe Primal Fear and Heavenly Creatures or something.

Still cleaning/arranging at home. My comics are actually somewhat organized for the first time in about six years. My apartment currently looks worse than it did when I started but it'll get a lot better once I get rid of a few of the now empty boxes I don't need anymore.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

I love technology

So, I go to the manufacturer's website to report a problem I'm having. I get to the troubleshooting page and it looks like I can handle it all online without getting stuck on hold with somebody. Cool. I get past the contact info page and get to the page where I describe the problem and I'm told to choose the specific accessory that's causing the problem from a drop down list. Unfortunately, the drop down list only has one item, "--------".

So, I decide to just give up and call them. I wade through the options and wait on hold a while then I finally talk to someone. I describe the problem and he tells me that I can use the website to get a replacement part, so I get to tell him that I tried that but it didn't work (as discussed above) and now I wait on hold again for him to do something.
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Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Less Embarrassing

I got rid of quite a few boxes tonight and then spent some time cramming things back in my storage closet and rebuilding some of the piles I used to have. Things are still far from perfect but my apartment is now fit to have other people drop by.