January 26th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

A fine day

I slept ridiculously late today (didn't get to sleep in much last weekend) then went out and did a little shopping with monstersocks. She bought a new TV online to be picked up at the store later this week. (Online there was a $75 rebate that didn't seem available if you bought it in the store.)

Then we went to dinner at El Meson with sworkogsfru, komatoast, eriker and alisgray. It was a really good meal and I think monstersocks and I will have to go back there again soon.

monstersocks and I also watched a couple of episodes of VH1's "I Love The '80s" series today. I always want to play Vice City after watching that.
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Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Vice City

Finally played some more Vice City this weekend. I finished the damn RC plane mission for the Haitians and then finished the Haitian and Cuban missions. Very fun (except for the RC plane mission which was mostly frustrating.)

Not much exciting going on today. I didn't watch the Super Bowl because I don't care about football.
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