February 3rd, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

It's done

So, I won Vice City this weekend. I'd been putting off some of the missions that I thought might lead to the end, then all of a sudden I got a couple missions and it was over.

The final mission seemed a lot easier than in GTA3.

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I still have the Malibu missions and the Studio missions to finish along with the Sunshine Auto lists (currently looking for a Sabre and not having much luck, but I haven't had the trouble I had finding an Esperanto yet.)

I finally tried THPS4. So far I haven't been too impressed. I really liked the previous versions but this one just really hasn't grabbed me yet. Most of the music isn't that great and I haven't gotten used to the new mission scheme yet.

The weather was very pretty this morning on the way to work. Half of the parking lot still isn't plowed so I had to park around the side of the building.