May 30th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

The Sky Is Blue And All The Leaves Are Green

Work is actually going well. I've probably doomed myself with that statement, but I'm actually making progress and getting some things finished for a change (instead of having to stop and work on something else beforehand.)
The weather looks very nice today. Cloudy and windy (and no glare off the windshields in the parking lot.)
Sadly I had a lot of trouble getting up this morning. I was fairly certain I didn't have to go to work despite it being a weekday.

I played the new Evil Dead game last night. I like it. I agree much more with this review than this one. My main complaint so far is the use of "save tokens" instead of just letting you save your game whenever you want. Other than that it's plenty of fun with lots of Bruce Campbell.