July 16th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

A traitor, a no good filthy traitor

This game has me actually considering the idea of owning an Xbox.
Apparently Vice City may be coming to the Xbox too.

Had a really good dinner at Glockenspiel on Monday and some good leftovers from there on Tuesday (the leftovers were monstersocks' since I ate all my food.) Some of the rest of the dinner folk went off to play games afterwards but I had other obligations (and it was late on a weeknight.) Really impressive fog later that evening especially across the Mississippi.

Still no new Powerbooks. Apparently we've done something wrong and are being punished (maybe it's because of the whole "considering an Xbox" thing.)

I picked up tickets for the Liz Phair show this past weekend and I need to remember to get A Perfect Circle tickets on Saturday.