July 27th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

The Real Deal

After my late night carousing at KFG I slept much of Saturday and didn't get up until around 3pm. Went out to do a little shopping at The Apple Store and REI (still no damn new Powerbooks.) Next I went to see The Matrix Reloaded at the Zoo. I always think the Zoo is just a little past the MoA on 77 but then it turns out it's quite a few miles past the MoA. There was some sort of concert at the zoo so they were hitting people up for money for parking, but letting people through without paying if they said they weren't going to the concert.

The Matrix Reloaded works really well on the Imax screen. The rave scene seemed shorter but still too long. I think when I saw Attack of the Clones they showed it at the standard Imax aspect ratio but the Matrix was shown at its original aspect ratio. I'd definitely recommend it (I'll try and go again with monstersocks next month, I'm sure she won't pass up a chance to visit the zoo.) (I was a little disappointed to check out IMDB and find out that Jet Li was offered the Seraph role. It'd be nice to see him in an American movie that didn't suck.)

Afterwards I came home and watched most of the Animatrix DVD. Some of the shorts were really good, some were fairly unremarkable. The Kid gave some interesting backstory and I really liked Final Flight of the Osiris and the haunted house one.

Today I went to the gym then went out to see a movie. I wanted to see LXG or T3 but settled on Bad Boys 2 since it was starting at the right time. It's a fun movie, but definitely a big dumb summer action flick. Cops who are always right, reckless and have no respect for the rights of their suspects.

I really hate going to the gym, but I'm pretty happy with the results. If I ever get around to moving past the cardio section and doing some strength training I think I'll be even happier.

monstersocks returns tomorrow. Yay!