August 10th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Busy Weekend

Friday- Went out to vaxjo's birthday party after dinner at Chin's Kitchen. Hung out with lots of people and played a game called Fluxx (I won once and nicholay won once.) Various pictures were taken and will certainly be online at some point before vaxjo turns 30.

Saturday- Slept most of the day away after being up late at the party. Got up around 2ish then puttered a bit and went out to dinner with monstersocks at Don Pablo's before seeing the Ben Folds/Tori Amos concert. I don't think I've ever really heard Ben Folds before. I can't remember ever seeing an opening act that people were quite so excited about before. I enjoyed some of his stuff, but the anal retentive geek in me was bothered by the words he messed up in his Liz Phair cover (it's 4am damnit, and "but all hell" not "and all hell"!) but it was still fun to hear. The concert was good with plenty of older stuff. At least one song that I didn't recognize (and it took me a while to recognize Purple Rain.)

Sunday- Got up much earlier than usual (for me) and went out to Dim Sum at My Le Hoa with monstersocks and several other non-lj folk. Very good (and enough food for most of the day.) After Dim Sum we went over to the Highland water tower which was open this weekend. Kind of fun 'though it was a somewhat hazy day. I think we need to go back next time it's open (October 11-12.)