August 26th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Pure style wonders tender. My team?

I think it's a little sad when I get email from a coworker and I want to congratulate them on their use of proper capitalization. (Many of the folks here at work aren't able to use anything but ALL CAPS.)

Somehow I spaced out yesterday and managed to forget my gym bag at home. I only discovered this as I was leaving work on my way to the gym. So, I decided to just head to Como Lake for a walk or two around the lake instead of going to the gym. The scenery's much better at Como, but it's a bit warmer especially on the far side of the lake with fewer trees and more sunlight. I was also a bit more formally dressed than I usually am at the gym. Lots of sweating.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

As secure as Linus without his blanket…

In about the last four days (the 23rd to the 26th) I've gotten 1157 copies of SoBig (and maybe other viruses) caught by Postini. That doesn't count the postmaster bounces I've gotten in my mailbox from messages where SoBig spoofed my from address. I originally thought that I had six days of messages but it looks like Postini dumps messages after four days (or maybe it's capping it at a certain number of messages.) I gave up on clearing them out since it only shows ten at once, and I also thought it'd be interesting to keep track of the numbers.