September 2nd, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Weekend wrap-up

Went to the gym, then met with monstersocks and went to grilling at eriker's. We were the first to arrive (and managed to make several wrong turns and almost went to the wrong house despite having perfectly reasonable directions.) Grilling was lots of fun (quite a few lj folk and a few non-lj folk.) I'm often disappointed that I don't make it more often. Nothing too ambitious on the culinary front this time, just a couple normal cheeseburgers without any accoutrements (what the hell, the spell checker wants me to spell it accouterments which appears to be valid but both are acceptable and I just can't do that.)

Got up early and went to the state fair. Slathered with sunblock so I avoided a burn. Ate lots of fried things (some on sticks, not all the food on sticks was fried.) Ate all or part of: Cheese curds, one ear of sweet corn, a Pronto Pup, a Cider Freeze, a Fried Twinkie, chocolate covered frozen Key Lime Pie, Veggie Fries, and maybe something else that I've forgotten. The fried Twinkie really wasn't very good, I think a non-fried non-stuck Twinkie would have been better, or maybe some sauce other than chocolate would have been better. Oh, I also had a Sno-Cone and we bought some fudge. After the Fair we headed back to my apartment (walked to and from the fair this year.) Went out and did a little shopping (monstersocks approves of some shoes I might buy) then had dinner at the Good Earth where we saw eriker and her family (I can't remember which lj names they're currently using.)

Slept in a little, then went out to dinner with monstersocks' family and got their TiVo working with their new digital cable. Also brought a long phone cord so they could get more guide data (still need to figure out a long term solution to that problem.) After dinner we went out to the Zoo to see The Matrix Reloaded- Imax. Very good (my second time.)

Slept in a little, then walked to, from and twice around Como Lake. Sadly I didn't do anything about the sun so I got a bit burnt. I think it was around a five or six mile walk. Came home and did stuff for a while, cleaned off the TiVo a bit. Went out for dinner with monstersocks who then had to work that night. I finished watching the terrible "Scary Movie 2". I felt an obligation to see it for Chris Elliott but oh, the hurting. Apparently the Wayans aren't involved with the next two (I'm a little scared just knowing there will be two more.)

Went to work. Got a haircut. Watched some FLCL.