November 19th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Went out to the Career Fair at Macalester tonight. Not too scary, there were two CS students who came by, one of whom was looking for me because his Physics professor mentioned he'd taught me. I didn't get asked much aside from what I do and what my company does. I had plenty of answers to questions I never got asked. Chatted with a CS grad from '91 for most of it. Got a free "Macalester Alumni" mug.

I think of plenty of things to post when I'm not in front of the computer.

I think I'm going to try and watch the extended Fellowship and Two Towers the day after Thanksgiving. I'll probably have to get up a little earlier than usual (on a non-work day) to fit that much movie into a day.

I'm about to try connecting my two computers using Firewire networking. If there aren't any new posts for a while it'll mean they all blew up. If so maybe I'll need to make a Cubequarium.