November 25th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

The time's sensation?

Finally got my new router working with WPA. (There was some sort of problem with Safari and the router, IE worked a little better, plus they hide the security setting on another page so the router lets you setup WPA all you want but if you don't choose it on that other page you're out of luck.)

I'll leave speed tests for another day.

Everything's working now (except for my work PC not working with Windows update, but that wasn't working with the old router so I'm not really worried about it.)
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

That quality is essential. Please try dream's style for this scene!

Spent much of the evening arranging things. It isn't really cleaning because I didn't end up with fewer things or significantly more usable space, but I do feel better about some parts of my apartment than I have in years.

I watched the first ten episodes of the Cartoon Network Clone Wars series tonight. I hadn't realized it was just the first half of a longer series that wouldn't be continued until the Spring. Bastards!

Keanu is Constantine? Makes me sad.
That kid from Seaquest (no, not Ted) killed himself
Fixing Han v. Greedo = good, putting Hayden into Return of the Jedi = ?