November 29th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Take the special dream? Quality is pleasant.

Pretty good vacation so far.

Yesterday I got up early and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. Very good, but I wasn't really prepared for Mickey Rooney's Japanese upstairs neighbor character. After that I did some cleaning and watched half of the commentary for Vanilla Sky. Next came a quick call to my parents and then the Lundsten Thanksgiving. Quite a few hours later I returned for more cleaning and the rest of the commentary. Two movies back to Netflix.

Oh, I also watched some of that Clean Sweep show on TLC. Not as helpful as I might have hoped. The basic structure seems to be they send in a large group of people who take everything out of the rooms to be organized, then a person comes in and makes you sort everything into either Keep, Sell or Trash piles and yells at you trying to get you to throw away your prized possessions. Meanwhile designers and carpenters create new spaces for the stuff you have left after you get done being berated into getting rid of stuff you wanted. Not much help aside from reinforcing the whole "Get Rid Of Crap" concept.

Today I got up early and watched the extended versions of The Fellowship Of The Ring and The Two Towers. I hadn't seen the extended Two Towers yet and really enjoyed it. I think the added scenes were really beneficial (I last read the books more than half of my life ago so a lot of the added detail is new to me.)

After that I went out and picked up monstersocks for kfg (plenty of grilling and abuse of twitme and other fun stuff) and now I'm home.

Tomorrow brings the second Lundsten Thanksgiving meal and maybe some cleaning if I get home early enough. Sunday may be more cleaning and maybe a couple more movies.